1. REACH-Service: chemicals and preparations – REACH for producers, importers and downstream users
    • Registration of chemicals
    • Preparation of a complete registration dossier
    • Impact analysis
    • Helping with SIEFs resp. consortia
    • Literature research and supply
    • Data gap analysis and evaluation of the reliability of existing data
    • Development of test strategies to use the optimal possibilities of a data transfer: waiving, read-across, bridging and QSAR calculations
    • Elaboration of a test strategy, help with the study plan, choice of test institute and study monitoring
    • Evaluation of the results with respect to their consequences for the registration
    • Identification and recording of use and exposure szenarios
    • Compilation of a chemical safety report
    • Definition of the risk management procedures, especially with respect to occupational and environmental safety
    • Assessement of the ecotoxicity (i.e. calculation of PEC and PNEC)
    • Guidance and support in all question on environmental safety
    • Classification and labelling according to CLP EU-legislation 1272/2008/EU
    • IUCLID 5 seminars, preparation of IUCLID 5 data sets
    • Compilation of data/study reports for a material safety data sheet (MSDS)
    • Submitting the dossier and communication with the authorities
    • R+D-notification (PPORD)
    • Presentation of results to external groups, cooperation in committees
  2. Writing of pharmacological and toxicological expert opinions for the approval of drugs
  3. Support of your occupational safety and your environmental protection efforts by setting of occupational and environmental exposure levels
  4. Pharmacological and toxicological comments and expert opinions, help and support in your efforts for the best possible product stewardship and in defending your products
  5. Check of your documentation with respect to scientific consistency and completeness
  6. Seminars on CLP-labeling
  7. Auditing of processes in the safety of plant and production: explosion protection, fire protection requirements, safeguarding of pressure, management systems